Fight Against Coronavirus: Medical News from Taiwan

Prevention Tips and Preventive Measures | Coronavirus Disease Pandemic

Wear a medical mask in an enclosed air-conditioned space


Wear a mask for the sake of protecting others

Asymptomatic Infected Cases Are Innumerable

If an infected person has strong immunity, the symptoms might be unnoticeable but the virus remains to be contagious and keep passing on to others. Also, COVID-19 proved to have a long incubation period. There is no vaccine for coronavirus disease. It might take years to develop a new vaccine.

Most people stop wearing masks after they arrive home or dormitory. You never know whether any of your family members or roommates get infected or not, including yourself. I would say, prevention of coronavirus is a comforting myth. The only antidote is to boost the immunity of individuals on a global scale.

Q: Who is most at risk of the coronavirus disease?

Common Symptoms of COVID-19

Evident symptoms include shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Fever, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death only occur in more severe cases. Runny nose is not a common symptom of the coronavirus disease.

Q: Can COVID-19 be fatal?

Average Recovery Time| Coronavirus Disease

Q: Can I drink alcohol during the coronavirus disease pandemic?

Take Advice from the Bible

Foods for Stress Relief

▲I highly recommend non-sugary curry, avocado milk, non-sugary matcha tea powder with hot milk. Also, chill works well to boost our moods if you are free from stomach problems. Avoid sugar intake or minimize sugar intake.

Should coronavirus disease patients be isolated in hospitals?

Does heat kill the coronavirus?

Are people who recovered from COVID-19 immune from the disease?

What should I do if I test positive for the coronavirus disease?
You should isolate yourself from others and inform the government first. People who have been in close contact with you up to 2 days before you develop the symptoms should be tested. WHO advises that all confirmed cases, even mild cases, should be isolated to prevent possible transmission.

Originally published at Wise Library 1985.

Margaret W. Lavigne

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