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The existing domain name:

My Request:
1) service, help, and budget for site migration, WordPress. com
What would you do to help site migration?

2) hosting service
3) Change my domain name after site-migration
4) Info about Wocommerce and PayPal: Do I have to pay an added fee for connecting Paypal or delivery system with Woocommerce system?

You mentioned the conditions for the free qualifying site migration:
*The original host cannot be (My site is built by
*Less than 2GB (file size) : unsure yet
*Less than 40MB database: unsure yet
*Migration team will not perform any updates or upgrades to the site: Can I upgrade my site into WordPress. org with an added fee during /after site migration?

While we cannot transfer sites here for you, our partner has an excellent guide that will show you how to create a version of your site with us and then import your existing .com content:
雖然我們無法在此處為您轉移 網站,但我們的合作夥伴提供了一份出色的指南,可向您展示如何與我們一起創建您網站的 版本,然後導入您現有的 .com 內容

I would keep the existing hosting intact while you ensure the migration can work for you and then when you are satisfied then you can terminate the existing hosting arrangement.


1) 站點遷移、WordPress 的服務、幫助和預算。電腦

2) 託管服務
3) 網站遷移後更改我的域名
4) 關於 Wocommerce 和 PayPal 的信息:我是否需要支付將 Paypal 與 Woocommerce 系統連接起來的額外費用?

*小於 2GB(文件大小):不確定
*小於 40MB 的數據庫:還不確定
*遷移團隊不會對站點執行任何更新或升級:我可以將我的站點升級到 WordPress。 org 在站點遷移期間/之後需要額外費用嗎?

Before you get started please make sure to chat back and ask for me, Kristian G, or connect with me at and if you sign up through me I will give you one extra month of hosting FREE!
To help protect you we have a 30-day money-back hosting guarantee so you can try us risk-free:
在您開始之前,請務必回聊並詢問我,Kristian G,或通過 與我聯繫,如果您通過我註冊,我將免費為您提供一個月的託管服務!為了幫助保護您,我們提供 30 天退款託管保證,因此您可以無風險地試用我們:

Bluehost offers additional services like SiteLock to protect your site from malware, CodeGuard to automatically backup your site, Single Domain Premium SSL to instill confidence in your visitors, and SEO Tools to attract qualified visitors to your site!Bluehost 提供額外的服務,例如 SiteLock 以保護您的網站免受惡意軟件的侵害,CodeGuard 自動備份您的網站,Single Domain Premium SSL 為您的訪問者灌輸信心,以及 SEO 工具以吸引合格的訪問者訪問您的網站!

And both plans come with easy and free access to Woo Commerce to enable you to create a store and conduct eCommerce on your site
這兩個計劃都可以輕鬆免費地訪問 Woo Commerce,使您能夠在您的網站上創建商店並開展電子商務

BlueHost includes WordPress (for free!) to help our customers construct and maintain their sites! And don’t worry if this is your first time working with it! We’ve invested heavily in creating the best WordPress hosting environment possible and towards that end I’d like to share these free resources we have produced to help you navigate and get the most out of WordPress: BlueHost 包括 WordPress(免費!)來幫助我們的客戶構建和維護他們的網站!如果這是您第一次使用它,請不要擔心!我們已經投入巨資創建盡可能最好的 WordPress 託管環境,為此我想分享我們製作的這些免費資源,以幫助您瀏覽並充分利用 WordPress

With WordPress, you’ll need very little, if any, CSS knowledge as WordPress uses a block editor for an intuitive drag and drop-like experience. And to help you sell your products we also include a free plugin called WooCommerce! 使用 WordPress,您只需要很少的 CSS 知識(如果有的話),因為 WordPress 使用塊編輯器來提供直觀的拖放式體驗。為了幫助您銷售您的產品,我們還提供了一個名為 WooCommerce 的免費插件

You also get 1 free domain name for 1 year with the purchase of your hosting plan (regardless of the hosting plan term length). Domain renewal rates can be seen here:

購買託管計劃後,您還將獲得 1 個為期 1 年的免費域名(無論託管計劃期限長短)。 可在此處查看域名續訂率:

Kristian Guilford | Sales Chat Consultant — BlueHost | Schedule: M-F 9:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. PST

For immediate support please call: 855–803–8158



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